1. MISD must follow and enforce all policies, procedures, and handbooks.

2. A committee needs to be formed, comprised of MISD community members and parents to audit curriculum, technology, and teacher training to ensure it does not contain inappropriate themes of CRT, social justice indoctrination of students, or explicit content.

3. There may no longer be any School Board meetings that are not open to the public, no matter the number of attendees. Any and all scheduled meetings with two or more School Board members must be open to the public.

4. MISD and Human Resources must hire based on experience, qualifications, and skill, not skin color. Biased "subcommittees" formed from one singular group of individuals will not be allowed.

5. The political neutrality policy must be followed by all staff, teachers, and administration including but not limited to teaching material, student assignments, classroom discussions, and in-school signage.

6. Every parent deserves access to their children’s curriculum, lesson plans, and the resources being used in the classroom.

7. School Board must implement discussion in open session to explain the items that are voted on in open session but discussed in closed session.

Respect Midlothian 1888 Goals